The concept

Our Mission

Our Mission is to promote gender equality and support the education of girls to create a more just and equitable society.

What we do

We visit lower socioeconomic areas in various cities, interact with families and speak to them about gender equality and importance of educating girls. We take their photographs and write their stories. Posting these on our Facebook page creates awareness for the cause and enables crowd funding. The families love the polaroid photo they get as a reminder that daughters are precious.


In 2016, we partnered with BitGiving ( a crowdfunding platform) and Nanhi Kali ( a n NGO that supports girls education) to raise more than INR 3.0 lakhs through crowd-funding which helped send 108 girls to primary school for a year.

During our conversations with the families we met, I realized that primary school was not the issue. Primary education was largely free in government schools and parents in urban areas did send their daughtes to school. Most girls stayed in school until grade 10, but were then forced to drop out . Their parents did not see the point of paying the additional high school fees because “the girls were only destined to get married or do domestic chores”.

Now we fund the higher education (undergraduate college) of motivated and hard working girls whose families lack the resources to support them. MDIP collects the money through crowd-funding, our ambassadors, and fundraisers and sends it directly to the girls’ schools/colleges through our partner, an NGO Shikshadaan, based out of Gurgaon. We keep the donors updated on the girls’ progress on our Facebook page through videos and exam results so that they know how their money is being put to use. We also mentor the girls so that they stay motivated and on course to complete their graduation.



The My Daughter is Precious Exhibitions aim to create awareness about the cause and attract potential supporters and donors.

At the MDIP exhibition inaugurated by the Indian High Commisoner, Mr. Singla- Dhaka 2016

Our Fundraisers

A song for a voice- August 2018

Raised Rs.1,00,000 through a concert by student bands

Women’s Economic Forum award

Kaavya Rajesh: Young Leaders creating a better world Award winner 2018