Anjali and Geeta


Ranjit, a farmer, and his wife Basanti moved from Jharkhand to a village in Haryana in 2009 with their children. We recently met them and two of their daughters, Anjali and Geeta.

Anjali, a confident 19 year old, works as a teacher at the Laksh Foundation where she also receives lessons in the afternoons. Her younger sister Geeta is studying a B-tech in computer science at a college near their home.

Their parents are determined to support them and have taken out several loans to do so. 

Meeting this family was very inspiring as they embodied the idea we support. Despite several challenges financially and pressure from the society, they are keen for their daughters to study further and be economically independant.

“What other people say doesn’t matter, I want my daughters to do well,” said Ranjit.


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