Sujipriya lives in T.P Chatram where we had taken photos for My Daughter Is Precious last year. Unfortunately Suji Priya’s father wasn’t home as he has to work long hours as a construction worker and her mother was busy at her housekeeping job at an old age home. We spoke to Suji Priya and her grandmother, who had supported her education from the start. Their family had a sad history when it came to getting a good education. Her older brother failed class twelve and he is currently unemployed. Her sister was married off before she could even finish high school.

Fortunately due to her hard work and good marks Suji Priya was able to get admission to study B. Com with Computer Applications at the Sri Krishnaswamy College for Women in Chennai. If she completes this course, Suji Priya will be the first college graduate in her family. She dreams of getting a good job after her graduation, and then would like to do her MBA. Even though she is the youngest child, Suji Priya feels that the responsibility of having to support her family in the future is entirely on her shoulders. We obtained Rs. 70,000 to fund her first and second years and are currently raising for her third. 

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