In 2016, we partnered with Bit Giving and Nanhi Kalli to raise INR 3.0 lakhs through crowd-funding which helped send 108 girls to primary school for a year.
But we didn’t want to stop there. During our conversations with the families we met, my parents and I realized that primary school was not the issue. Most girls stayed in school until class 10, but were then forced to drop out . Their  parents did not see the point of paying their school fees simply because ‘the girls were only destined to get married or do domestic chores’.
That’s why we decided to select a few girls and see them through high school and college. So far we are sponsoring two girls in Chennai and one in Dhaka so that they can graduate from college and fulfill their dreams. We collect the money through crowd funding and send it directly to the girls’ schools/colleges through our partner, an NGO called Shikshadaan based out of Gurgaon. We keep the donors updated on the girls’ progress so that they know how their money is being put to use. We also mentor the girls so that they stay motivated and on course to complete their graduation.
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