Priyanka is pursuing a BSc. Maths Hons degree and has an exceptional GPA of 9.7! She also teachers 11th and 12th grade students math to support herself and also to prepare for a job as a teacher. 

Her father was a carpenter but is no longer employed, which is putting a huge financial strain on her family. Priyanka is the oldest of her siblings and dreams of getting a stable job to support herself and  her family.


Monica is pursuing a degree in B.Com and plans to go into marketing in the future. She is an avid reader and the last book she read was Rich Man Poor Man

“I have experience in content writing through my internships and really enjoyed it.” Monica shared. 

Her father works in manufacturing automobile parts, but her family has been struggling financially because of the pandemic.


Manisha is studying political science honors and dreams of being a teacher. Her father is a bus driver and her family has not been extremely supportive of her education. She tutors children to get an income of her own. 

“I am loyal and responsible,” said Manisha. She also wants to work on her communication skills and English fluency.


Ranjani is pursuing a BA Hindi. She hopes to become a professor. Her father is a farmer. She has completed a basic computer course and has studies Sanskrit as well. In her free time, she tries to learn English and History using her phone.


Anjali is studying philosophy as she believes that it is a unique and important subject. She also plans to use the knowledge she gains to clear the UPSC exam and follow her dream of becoming an IAS officer. Her father is a daily wage labourer. Apart from academics, Anjali is also in NCC and is doing a certificate course in Yoga. She also loves gardening and learning languages.


Sania graduated from Janki Devi Memorial College with a BA. Political Science (Honours) degree. She has always been a hardworking individual and was one of her school toppers, scoring 91.25% in her board exams. 

“I want to be an IAS officer to help the nation.” said Sania.

She is determined to clear the UPSC exam and make a difference. Her father is unemployed, which places a huge financial burden on the family. Sania hopes to be financially independent to be able to fund her sister’s education and help her parents.  

Having attended a Hindi medium school, she has been tirelessly working towards improving her English–and has made huge progress. In her free time, she likes to read and watch the news to keep up with current events. 

“Sania is bright and has gotten a very impressive score in college. She and her family are grateful for this support, without which she would have had to discontinue her studies.” – Preeti (her mentor).


Payal Singh graduated from the Janki Devi Memorial College, with a BA. History Honors. Her father is a daily wage earner and her mother stays at home. Payal has thrown herself into her education and is determined to be an army officer to not only serve the nation, but to ensure that her family is taken care of.

Payal’s mentor, Seema Seth, says that “Payal is very focused and determined to get a government job.She is an introvert and devotes herself to her studies. “

Payal is also extremely passionate about sports. She received the NCC-B (National Cadet Corps) certificate last year, which is a big step in achieving her dream of joining the army.


As a political science honors student, Apurva wishes to be a judge. She plans to do LLB and face judiciary examination. She hopes to provide justice to those who deserve it. Apurva plans to take a gap year to study and work a part time job in order to earn money to pay for law school. She maintains a 7.32 CGPA while pursuing interests in debate and gardening. As a confident and determined student, Apurva fully intends to succeed in her endeavours and follow her passions. She is fairly fluent in English and even participated in anchoring in college last year.


“My dream in life is to be a teacher.” says Deepa, a History honors student. She intends to take the CTET examination after her graduation next year and apply for teaching programs. Deepa’s teachers say that she is a hardworking and dedicated students, and this reflects in her CGPA of 7.71. She also has experience teaching as she tutors younger children in her neighbourhood. In addition to academics, Deepa is a member of the National Cadet Corps (NCC) on her campus and is interested in singing and dancing.


Muskan is a keen political science honors students who is determined to make a difference. After college, she aspires to apply to be an IAS officer. “I want to serve society.” she told us. Her mother is a housewife and her father has been suffering from depression for six years, making their household income unstable. Despite her situation, Muskan has shined in college. She has obtained a 7.36 CGPA while being a painter and participating in theatre. She also won the Inspire Award at the Science Model Exhibition at the state level. She was a part of our 2019-2020 cohort.